The use of anabolic steroids within sport is widely documented. Often they are injected directly into muscle but they can be taken in tablet form or even applied as a gel. They are usually taken to increase muscle mass and also to enhance performance. Anabolic steroids are in fact a prescription only medication, which means they should only be prescribed by a doctor, but it is in fact very easy to find steroids pills for sale.

The problem is that many people simply are not aware of the dangers of anabolic steroid use, or they choose to ignore it. They see the changing shape of their body as their muscle mass increases whilst simultaneously their body fat reduces. This fuels them on to continued use but can lead to very serious medical problems.

Hypertension or high blood pressure, which is when the pressure is continually higher than the recommended level for each age group, is a common side effect. This can result in catastrophic health issues such as strokes and heart attacks. Although everyone can potentially suffer from these problems the risk is greatly increased in those taking anabolic steroids.

In men the obvious side effects, that can be seen without any tests, are a tendency towards hair loss and baldness, severe acne, particularly in those above the usual age for such a problem, the splaying of the teeth over time, the forehead, 'overgrowing' to give an unusual appearance, the development of breast and the shrinking of testicles. I think most people would agree that these are definitely undesirable. But add to that those that can't be seen, such as a reduced fertility due to a reduction in sperm count and the increase in risk of developing prostate cancer and the severity of all these really hits home. You can find steroids at - prohormone stack. Check them out

Women are also prone to very unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects. They my see an increase in body hair and in fact start to grow facial hair or conversely suffer from hair loss. Whereas men develop breasts, women find a reduction in the size of their breasts. Acne can also become a problem and an effect on the vocal cords can lead to a deepening of the voice. There are also cases of problems with menstruation, or periods, which again may result in issues later in life when considering having a family.

But both men and women are both at risk from heart attacks and strokes due to hypertension and also due to a greater tendency to form blood clots. Fluid retention will put various organs at risk over time and an increase in cholesterol adds to the already increased risk of heart attack and stroke. There are also report of an increased risk of tumours in the kidneys and liver.

Mood swings are frequently reported with a tendency towards aggressive behaviour often displayed. Whilst this may help whilst participating in sport these tendencies cannot be contained to those times and will spill over into everyday life. Serious consequences can also be seen in those that start taking steroids before they have fully grown as their growth may be stunted and some ageing of the bones may be seen.

Overall, the facts can't be ignored that the effects of anabolic steroids use over time are many and can become very complex.

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